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Dental Research e-learning Software
The Ultimate Word for Dental Science. The Mibiz Digital Multimedia Dental Encyclopedia is the World's Most Comprehensive e-learning Software for disseminating Knowledge to Dental Practitioners, Academicians, students and people in all walks of life.
World's Most Comprehensive Medical Encyclopedia
Mibiz Digital Multimedia Encyclopedia contains Research Articles, extensive gallery of Animations, Photographs & Illustrations. The Medical & Dental Encyclopedia was highlighted by the mainstream Media and endorsed by renowned personalities. The Encyclopedia was invariably appreciated and unanimously recommended by the industry leaders - "the subject matter is treated with scientific rigor", "Content was good enough", "illustrations very carefully done", "The layout is quite elegant", "structure relevant" etc.
Mibiz Digital Multimedia Encyclopedia Dental Anatomy Animations includes Skull Anatomy, Skull Anatomy The TMJ, Skull Anatomy The Mandible, Skull Anatomy orthodontic reference points, Skull Anatomy Orthodontic planes, Skull Anatomy Areas of Dental Interest, Dental Charting, Dental Anatomy The TMD, Dental Anatomy The Masseter, Dental Anatomy The inferior Dental Nerve, Dental Anatomy Temporalis, Dental Anatomy Mental Nerve, Dental Anatomy Jaw Movements, Dental Anatomy Highlight Selected Area. Mibiz Digital Multimedia Encyclopedia Dental Animations includes Anterior Bridges, Bleaching, Care of Full Dentures, Dental Checkup, Dental Floss, Dental Implants, Endodontic, Fissure Sealants, Fluoride, Full Denture, Gold Crowns, Gum Disease, Loose Dentures, Mouth & Teeth, Mouth Ulcers, Oral Hygiene Needs, Oral Hygiene, Orthodontics, Post Crowns, The Jaw Joint, The Skull, Tooth brushing, Tooth Decay, Tooth eruption, Tooth Loss, Tooth picking, Veneers, What is an abscess, White Fillings, Wisdom Teeth, Areas where dental decay occurs, Complicated tooth fractures, Filling of a cavity, Fracture of the mandible, How are milk teeth replaced by permanent teeth, How do teeth move during orthodontic treatment, How does oral cancer spread, How does the orthodontist correct proclination, How is a midline diastema corrected, In house bleaching, Pulpotomy, Root canal treatment, Surgical extraction, Veneers, What are composite restorations, What are dental implants, What are Inlays, What are maxillary expanders, What are Onlays, What are over dentures, What are pin retained restorations, What are pit and fissure sealants, What are removable partial dentures, What are space maintainers, What happens after extraction of a tooth, what happens if a cavity is not filled, What happens if an extracted tooth is not replaced, What happens if you do not maintain good oral hygiene, What is bruxism, What is pulp polyp, What is a bridge, What is a cantilever bridge, What is a crown, What is a dry socket, What is a periodontal pocket, What is an interdental brush, What is dental plaque, What is dental transplantation, What is dental calculus, What is flap surgery, What is Gingivoplasty, What is gum recession, What is marginal gingivitis, What is molar distalization, What is post and core, What is the structure of a tooth, What is ugly duckling stage of dental development, Why are wisdom teeth extracted so often, Why do I have to wear a retainer after an orthodontic treatment, Why does the dentist give a temporary restoration, Why does the orthodontist remove teeth as part of treatment, Why use elastics, Why wait after extraction before using dentures. Few silde shows included are Baby brushing, Causes of oral cancer, Ortho fixation, Root Canal Treatment performed, Set of wisdom tooth, Surgical exposure, Thumb sucking, Why orthodontic treatment.
"I congratulate the whole team for this excellent effort. It is my earnest hope that those who use this Authored CD Rom will be enabled to be of service to their family and society- to alleviate pain, sufferings, and occasionally, even to save a life."
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"Probing Medical Science."
"I appreciate the commendable work a ccomplished by your organization in developing content- based CDs."
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